Thursday, April 29, 2004

Are conspiracy theories really that much easier to believe? Serdar Turgut writes

"The Americans want to have a firm foothold in Cyprus, because from there it wants to control its Greater Middle Eastern Initiative, which is seen by optimistic intellectuals as a ‘plan to bring democracy to the region,’ but is actually a plan to form a new world by wrecking balances in the region. The world’s most secret intelligence system, ECHELON, will be coordinated from Cyprus."

What in the world? What would America (or anyone but sadistic jerks) have to gain from "wrecking balances in the region"? I'm sure America absolutely loves having troops get killed over there for the excess of this rather odd "balance" of which he speaks. And why would anyone choose Cyprus with its nice little split to operate this "most secret" way to control electronic signals? Evidently, this is that magic spot on the earth where these signals can be influenced (but no where else, mind you). Yeah, I'm sure the bogey-man will come out soon if we don't watch it.

He says earlier that people most optimistic intellectuals won't like this piece because they don't like thinking about strategic interests or national security. I think it's just because they're intellectuals.

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