Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What survives for Nietzsche in today's society? A mass of information, more than can be handled by most, flowing around us everyday. To act without pity, we must act with passion when moved. But how can we do this when our world has expanded far beyond our grasp? How must we act to affirm ourselves while not losing ourselves in the swirling miasma of media? Aye, this is the rub.

Instead of bending prostrate to the flush of emotions brought before us on the television screen hoping to guilt us into the wasteful (to Nietzsche, anyway) tears of hypocrisy that drives tragedy, it is instead our responsibility to attempt to change only that which is within our field of action. Only the local world (which, by the way, has expanded to the limits of our desire with electronic communication) can be within our scope of caring (noting the difference between this and pity). This eliminates masturbative learning while not losing our human connections with human society.

It's odd, but only a "naive" self-control will lead to our hopes, our dreams, and our continuing search for a life...for fulfillment of passion (then again, maybe these are just idealistic thoughts from an old man).

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