Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The G-word

And (for now) I'm not talking about google. While Bono is reminding the EU to honor its agreement with God, an internal struggle is ensuing over whether or not the word 'God' will be included in the document. Of course, either way, they will stay a secular organization. But some countries want to make a feint towards conciliation for the current European Christian community by adding
a reference to the Christian roots of Europe.
As it stands, the current draft states that the EU draws support from
inspiration from the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe.
I would be interested, though, if they would specify the 'humanist inheritance' of Europe. If they're talking about the 'Humanist Manifesto' type humanism, then there is just as much religious content as any other worldview (ie atheism and agnosticism) and the reference would read rather oddly (because the group would be crediting the religious roots of Christianity and other smaller players AND an atheistic worldview devoid of spiritual meaning...if they're attmepting to be inclusive and to forget historical reality, they're doing a pretty good job; but I'm not sure that's the case). But, if they mean 'human rights' and similar concepts when saying humanist, then the meaning would change accordingly. However, most of those 'humanist' leaps took place by people working for the glory of God. In either case, historical tradition must be ignored for the current reference to be totally satisfactory.

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