Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Gender Bias

Sucks to be male...I suppose that it's now time for God to be brought in for questioning. Walmart evidently didn't pay women as much as men in some situations (as the San Fransisco court decided today would be allowed to go to trial as a class action lawsuit - the biggest in civil rights history against a private company) or atleast its possible that they did not. Who do I sue for me being at higher health risks. It's just not fair!

Please understand that I'm not picking on women who get paid less than men and complain about it. There are many warranted situations for this type of legal action and, to be honest, this might be one as well. I was simply struck by the article on masculinity and thought it brought up and interesting similarities. This is not supposed to make a point, but to, as Barry Lopez mentioned to Diane Rehm as the purpose of fiction, spark some thought.

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