Friday, January 21, 2005

Real Gender Bias

This nice editorial demonstrates the oft-overlooked partisan nature of feminist politics (and by saying 'feminist' I am referring to national women's groups, NOW being the most prevalent with the widest reach). Although I must admit that Mr Summers should have had a much stronger point to overwhelm any criticism of that comment (I mean, come on, like he knew that it wasn't going to be inflammatory?) and it is pretty stupid to raise that type of a question in any context other than an honest scientific one, I'm not sure why this story got such national attention as it did. Perhaps people feel that Harvard is a sign of the direction of the country or something...I don't know. Anyway, the editorial makes some nice points by demonstrating the disconnect between national women's groups perceptions of woman achievement and actual achievements made by women. Steven Pinker further degrades the rather emotional reactions that have flooded people's psyches on this issue. As Reason magazine points out, "Can we talk about sex differences in math and science aptitude without yelling?"

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