Friday, February 04, 2005

Hidden Equality of Socialism - In this article, Henderson does a rather critical examination of the data from pre-transition socialist areas and finds that the provided data cannot have the same level of validity as more modern reports (thus the oft-cited economic inequality argument does not have validity either.

One more stupid article bantering about how much this guy does not like Mr Bush (believe me, this is just the tip of that iceberg (I'll write with my complaints about the lack of CBO reports later).

A wonderful article specifying some of the difficulties that we are encountering in "bringing democracy" to the Middle East. Even if Paul Feldman disagrees. Interestingly, both articles articles see the same basic ideals and split tickets on the meanings. Perhaps Martin Kramer is right and Feldman is overly naive, but I really want Feldman to be right...and for now, I'll choose idealism. After all, Israel's trying:

"Israel approved goodwill gestures before Tuesday's Sharon-Abbas summit in Egypt. The cabinet voted for release of 900 Palestinian prisoner and a West Bank troop pullback. But attacks wounded five Israeli soldiers." (WSJ front page)

A new column that might be kinda fun.

A history: Have bureaucrats gotten "a poor deal"?

Oh yeah, and a star exploded.

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