Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Noah and the Dinosaurs: On the Trail of Intelligent Design Spiegel's take on intelligent design is better than most (eg a shallow attempt to circle out of the debate by claiming, merely claiming mind you, that faith and science, or reason for the Aquinas in you, do not connect) though still missing the point that the philosophical and scientific critiques are not foreign from science, part and parcel thereof. Without the correct philosophy behind it, ID or creationism is likely to blow away imagining itself to be a full theory, instead of simply trying to have a good conversation (being willing to ask the questions). It will be perceived to be an unscientific threat of destruction. Any legal issues that arise will follow (eg Pennsylvania) will follow that imagining. Please, remember what you are discussing. Submit to the proper philosophy and let the pieces fall in place. We must care more about doing what's right rather than making a temporary splash in history.

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