Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baylyblog: Out of our minds, too: A (real) professor at Dartmouth...:
"Here's the context: Noah Riner is the student body president at Dartmouth and he was asked to speak to the incoming freshman at a convocation at the beginning of the school year. This, then, is the speech he gave September 20, 2005. Since giving the speech, there has been a great hue and cry at Darmouth, including the resignation in protest of the student body vice president and raging debates across campus."

Check out this entry speech given to Dartmouth freshman by Noah Riner 06. It's a speech reminding the freshman that character education is necessary (though the controversy revolves around his discussion of his Christian in a few sentences near the end). Whether or not you agree to it being appropriate to circumstance, it is undoubtedly a powerful read.

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