Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Often, non-believers have expectations of apologetics that transcends their own acceptance of a myriad of daily facts. All of a sudden, historical, moral, and general epistemological skepticism reigns supreme when they challenge the arrogant Christian (theist, etc) to "prove" that God exists, that the Bible is true, ad nauseam.

I would argue that most of a general understanding of faith can fulfill most types of knowledge that we encounter from day to day (historicity, morality, existential, etc). However, there is one type of knowledge that counteracts and, some might say, may even contradict the bases of faith. This is that one word you might have heard when discussing the scientific method in 9th grade: reproducible. The fact is that you cannot reproduce faith any more than you could reproduce love or God or any spiritual aspect.

However, there is also a counterclaim that supercedes this aforementioned idea. The simple fact is that no other person (save 1) can truly "judge" (if I might use so bandied a word) the spiritual aspects that make up you.

In other words, only a person who has authority over something has the ability to demonstrate (from a scientific perspective) the reproducible truth of that thing. [Please note that this also fits with the authority God granted to mankind over nature in Gen 1:26.]

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