Thursday, January 26, 2006

Whether or not you agree with Bishop NT Wright, he's always worth listening to.

I found the following quotation from an older interview to be a particularly poignant example in his discussion of the Enlightenment (read the rest too).

The Religion Report: 17 November 2004 - Anglican Bishop N.T Wright: Full Transcript:
"That Thomas comes and says “Here, I want some hard evidence , I want to be able touch and I want to be able to see”. And Jesus doesn’t say to him “Oh you silly boy, you know, you shouldn’t ask for touching and seeing, you know , go out of the room until you’re prepared to come back with a better question”...He says “be my guest. Bring your finger here and touch my hands”, and then when Thomas has done that and said “My Lord and my God”, Jesus says, “Actually it would have been better if you had done this without your silly questions”. So I want to take the Enlightenment on like Jesus took Thomas on. "

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