Thursday, February 23, 2006

For any who are interested in Ben Pearson's schedule in Japan:
At 7:05 I wake up to the sound of willis jumping rope
500 times which ends at exactly 7:40
8:00 is breakfast
which is always brown rice, with milk on top, and a banana
nuts are optional.
then I can do whatever I want.
So I get on my moped...
and deliver invitations.
today I am sending some emails first.
the moped is awesome .
And I now eat lunch in town...or pack a lunch and then come home for dinner.
you know they aren't that bad.
we bought a used one for about $450
and then the guy said we could sell it back to him when we are done.
so basically free if I don't wreck it.
so I'm a mailman.
the mailmen here ride mopeds.
and I just go door to door delivering these invitations.
I hit like 250 houses yesturday.
it's fun.
the mailboxes aren't like in the states they are always hidden.
most of the time I have to get off the bike.

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