Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quick Thoughts

2 thoughts on protests:

1. The best way to quell a protest is to bring many groups into it. It then ceases to be a protest and continues as a celebration. "You have something to protest? What do you know, I do too!" In this way, expectations and self-loathing are beat out by the carnivalesque and mutual yelling.

2. Much of the immigration rally supporter's rhetoric seems to revolve around them being united (from the few minutes I listened to on Talk of the Nation) against everyone else. Are they suggesting that we are not united? Is division itself the problem here? Though I'd imagine that they'd be rather angered if the rest of the country started to oppose any semblance of policy that they might put forward, would this "unity" fix the problem? Or perhaps their movement just appears to me more as monotony than as unity.


Scot McKnight discusses the first part of Tom Wright's new book: Simply Christian.

Mark Horne on "Christianity: who needs it? (thoughts on 1 Tim).

Just as there is no such thing as Americanism, there is no such thing as Christianity. Jesus never proclaimed Christianity while he was with us on the earth. Nor did His Apostles preach Christianity. We live in an age of ideologies and ideological religions where people define themselves by virtue of certain ideas they believe. It is popular these days to talk about choosing a "world view" or a "belief system" of a "philosophy." Ayn Rand is just one idea peddlar among many others. One can consider Marxism, libertarianism, conservatism, liberalism, humanism, nihilism, hinduism, buddhism, spiritism, transcendentalism, existentialism, pragmatism, theism, atheism and so on. The list of "isms" is endless. But there is no "ism" found in God’s Word, the Bible. You will not find "Christianity" among it’s pages. Saint Paul did not spread Christianity in his journeys through the Mediterranean world. Rather, he was instrumental in spreading the Church.

It is not Christianity you need.

You need the Church.

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