Monday, January 08, 2007

Technological E-cclesiastes

It's here.

My favorite part:
I would volunteer my time saving puppies and orphans, I would take pictures of leaves and streams, I would keep a dream journal.
If I were to save puppies or orphans I'd do it with a credit card - not a warm embrace, were I to take photographs of anything at all it would be with my phone and the purpose would most likely be a pictorial Caller-ID and, alas, were I to chronicle my dreams I'd do it in XHTML to preserve formatting.
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GK Chesterton discussed this also:
I have no particular objection to people going about in cars; though I may regret the curious evolution of the human form in America, where wheels have completely taken the place of legs. What was not adequately realized, by those who merely talked about Progress, is simply this: that Progress is never merely the solving of problems, it is always also the setting of problems.
Men of the philosophic phase represented by Mr. H. G. Wells always tended to talk as if we should soon disentangle the knots of past problems merely by more science and experiment. What they did not see is that we are always tying new knots and making new tangles, actually because of science and experiment. Progress is the mother of Problems.
The only difference was, that he actually envisioned an ending.
Thus we might almost say that the final triumph of Mr. Ford is not when the man gets into the car, but when he enthusiastically falls out of the car. It is when he finds somewhere, in remote and rural corners that he could not normally have reached, that perfect poise and combination of hedge and tree and meadow in the presence of which any modern machine seems suddenly to look an absurdity; yes, even an antiquated absurdity. Probably that happy man, having found the place of his true home, will proceed joyfully to break up the car with a large hammer, putting its iron fragments for the first time to some real use, as kitchen utensils or garden tools. That is using a scientific instrument in the proper way; for it is using it as an instrument.


  1. Ok, agreed, they're all good, but my nihilism's funnier.