Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why Study History?

I do not think there is anything stupid or ignorant about howling at the moon or being afraid of devils in the dark. It seems to me perfectly philosophical. Why should a man be thought a sort of idiot because he feels the mystery and peril of existence itself? Suppose, my dear Chadd, suppose it is we who are the idiots because we are not afraid of devils in the dark?
-The Club of Queer Trades by GK Chesterton
Because so few understand this very point. Reading history is one powerful way of letting that odd and uncomfortable wind of reality cleanse you of the deadening effects of modernism. Be afraid, be unsure, be angry, be humbled, be human. This, in my view, is the starkest challenge for Christians today. How can we tell people who've forgotten what real food tastes like about the mighty feast of Jesus Christ? How do we tell people who've given up on living about the great Life?

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