Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Drawing Rome

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  1. So tell me, have you studied much the partial preterist leaning of NT Wright? I'm reading a book right now called "The Coming of the Son of Man" that I'm really enjoying that pulls heavily from Wright's work. I'm withholding final judgement though until I finish (as I think the author is a full blown preterist, rather than partial, with no future parousia hope).

  2. Brandon,

    Yes and no. Theologically, I am pretty much onboard with Wright's approach. It meshes nicely with his study of the resurrection and also links to his thoughts on the Holy Spirit (which is certainly omnipresent, though more subtle in his writings). It allows for a certain tension between our current selves and our final end and often reminds me, in a very good way, of Aquinas' use of the final cause in approaching virtue ethics.

    In spite of my appreciation for how this seems to draw together many of his themes, I should say two things. First, I honestly have not done enough Biblical research to be comfortable presenting the whole scheme to others as demonstrable fact (even if I tend to think of it as such). Secondly, from the little I have read of his textual study in this area, I think he pushes his exegesis too hard at times, particularly when it comes to those "traditional" end times passages.

    My exposure to Perriman's book consisted of a few reviews back when it came out (that and reading bits and pieces of his website from time to time). It seems to me that Wright's approach of retaining that future hope with some level of tension (he uses the word "anticipation" for this, which I love) is more appropriate...but eschatology on a whole is an area where I will tend to tread rather lightly.