Thursday, July 23, 2009


What does it mean for us to anticipate the Kingdom? We know that we are to be a resurrected people, but of course our bodies still decay. We are already 'saved' but we still suffer and die. What's the deal?

This is where, I think, anticipation comes in. Envision a great meal that your mother's helping to make. Of course, anticipation is not what happens when you steal some food before it's ready (as good as dough is, it's not cake until it's done). Anticipation is what happens when your mother lets you lick a spoon and taste the frosting that's going to go on that cake. It's what happens when your father lets you taste the sauce that's going on the meat on the grill outside.

Metaphorically, this is how I envision the Kingdom - a giant cookout. We now know in part what we will one day know in full. Ah, what a day that will be.


  1. Not to mention that good grilling is probably pretty close to heaven already! :-)