Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Catch-up Links

Look at all that I've missed:
- The best poem I've read or heard in a long time.
- Reminder that only good arguments are allowed on the internet.
- Evidently, physics broke while I was gone.
- This site looked painfully familiar.
- Mark Driscoll's points on self-destructing denominations do as well.
- Once again we find that politics is the new religion.
- Anyone interested in the aesthetics of Bibles, J Mark Bertrand is for you.
- Here's a flighttracker that looks amazing (or scary if you wish).
- Dooyeweerd, for any phil of science or neocalvinists out there.
- Also, Google has opened registration for Writely (give it a shot).
- On economics, Arnold Kling fascinates me (1, 2, 3).
- Here's an article on inerrancy by Kevin Vanhoozer.
- And here's a political version of Noll's Scandal on conservatism.
- Catholic perspective of justification.
- Introduction to NT Wright by Garver.

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  1. this is great stuff when I am waiting for Bekah to pick me up from car pooling.