Friday, August 25, 2006


Sorry to everyone checking this site over the past silent month or so. I've been....well, lazy, and haven't really done much substantial writing in quite awhile. Though I'm not really prepared for that at the moment either, I'd like to post a list of questions I've had rolling around in my mind. If anyone wants to comment or email me about them, you're more than welcome.

1a. Living Sacramentally - How to live obediently, sharing the Kingdom of God with everything we do (example: living enviornmentally responsible, dealing with poverty that is far away, living in a media saturated world, etc...).

1b. Politics and the Lordship of Christ - How can we bring faithful and Christ filled-ideas and opinions into today's connected world (where politics is the modern religion)?

2. Christian epistemology - This category would include thoughts ranging from hermeneutics to science (hint: I think a good starting point to the science bit would be the aforementioned poem by Hopkins, but I'll talk more about that some other time).

3. Spiritual authority - Where does spiritual authority come from and how do we recognize it?

4. Worship and the Church - How can we worship better (Calvin's description of the Psalms as 'an anatomy of all the parts of the soul' might be a good place to start)?

These questions are not in order of importance or priority and there are obvious overlaps (1b and 3, 1a and 1b, 2 and the rest, etc...), so that answering any one question would lead to the rest of the dominoes falling over. I'm not really sure how to proceed, but I'm trying to study certain books in the Bible to come to some better place as to formulating answers to these questions (for example, recently I've been doing some reading on and of Psalms, which has some really wonderful echoes of sacramental life, worship, and authority).

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  1. Nick,

    I'll be interested to read your comments on those issues. For point #3, on authority, a lengthy reading recommendation: John Henry Newman's Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. Worth the time, if you haven't already read it and can stand Victorian prose...