Friday, September 01, 2006

on blogging
Another blogger bites the dust. Here are some of my own thoughts on blogging:

Though I see the blogosphere like the early US, when every corner had some homespun newspaper on the block. Blogs present the chance for quick recovery in general (generally, conspiracies are put down in a day versus weeks to years for mainstream conspiracies), but they definitely have much of the virulent, arrogant, and insulting content that screams a lack of professionalism and certainly a lack of literary quality.

The bigger problem, though, is that the internet (and much of modern technology) burrows people into an alienated fantasy, cutting them off from the sacramentality of life. Similar to research on the importance of physical contact with children, we are losing our contact with the world, substituting stimulation for situation.

So…to be honest, I wonder if the problem is technology and alienation, not blogging and stupidity.

(BTW: I recognize that the irony is painfully obvious)

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