Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick Links
  1. Ehrman vs Craig on resurrection (pdf) HT:Pontifications
  2. Best tips on speed-reading HT:ChristianThinker
  3. How Lord of the Rings should have ended - be careful, this is hilarious
  4. 10 principles of Burning Man - weird, but fascinating
  5. How to do church at 9Marks - check out the survey of 'emerging' thinkers...good for the most part, though the section on NT Wright misses some important distinctions
  6. How is it that such well-meaning writers can criticize others into dust, but in the process have lost the ability to criticize themselves (here 's an example). CS Lewis had a good point:
The good critics found something to praise in many imperfect works; the bad ones continually narrowed the list of books we might be allowed to read. The healthy and unaffected man, even if luxuriously brought up and widely experienced in good cookery, could praise a very modest meal: the dyspeptic and the snob found fault with all.

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